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Pocket Luxury Exhibition

"The 'Pocket Luxury' exhibition at the Musée Cognacq-Jay highlights a remarkable collection of precious objects from the 18th and early 19th centuries. These small treasures in gold, adorned with gemstones or mother-of-pearl, testify to the daily refinement and enthusiasm for luxury in Europe. The exhibition offers a multidisciplinary approach, combining art history, fashion, techniques, and culture to place these objects in their socio-cultural context. Enriched by significant loans, it provides a new perspective on these essential luxury accessories."

Exhibition Tour of "Pocket Luxury"

The poster of exhibition - © L'exposition Luxe de Poche

"The 'Pocket Luxury' exhibition at the Musée Cognacq-Jay unveils the splendor of small luxurious objects from the 18th century. Snuffboxes, candy boxes, wax cases, and other accessories embody the elegance and refinement of the era. Their diversity in both form and materials, ranging from gold to gemstones to mother-of-pearl and enamels, illustrates the craftsmanship of the artisans of the time.
One of the exhibits - © L'exposition Luxe de Poche

The exhibition also explores the uses and rituals associated with these objects. Sometimes carried in pockets, sometimes displayed in salons, they were both functional and symbols of social status, contributing to the image of elegance and refined taste of their owner.
One of the exhibits - © L'exposition Luxe de Poche

The production of these objects, the result of the virtuosity of Parisian goldsmiths, is also highlighted. Enameling, engraving, and inlay techniques were employed to create pieces of exceptional quality, often inspired by the art and fashion of the time.

"The 'Pocket Luxury' sheds light on the enthusiasm for these objects across Europe, where they were appreciated both for their beauty and rarity. Illustrious personalities, such as King Frederick II of Prussia, amassed impressive collections of snuffboxes and other luxurious accessories, attesting to their status and passion for art and luxury.
One of the exhibits - © L'exposition Luxe de Poche

In summary, the exhibition offers a fascinating dive into the world of luxury in the 18th century, revealing the importance of small objects in the daily and social life of the time, as well as their impact on the culture and art of this period."
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By Alisée Poupre

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